Our History

Bast Fibers LLC was started in November 2005 to take over the natural bast fiber business of Flaxcraft Inc.

Since 1961, Flaxcraft Inc. has been in the business of importing and marketing natural bast fibers, yarns and fabrics. The development of fibers for composite use began in 1998. During the last 14 years, a complete line of bast fibers has been developed to service the nonwoven, injection molding and thermoset markets.

Since these markets were quickly accelerating, Bast Fibers LLC was formed to handle the escalating demand for expertise and resources in the natural fiber field and to offer a U.S. inventory to facilitate the supply of these renewable fibers. Our rich history and decades of experience continue to set the standard in natural fiber applications, as we are constantly working to discover and develop fibers for the future.

The President of Bast Fibers LLC – Hugh S. McKee – has over 40 years experience in bast fiber growing, harvesting, processing and marketing jute, kenaf, flax and hemp fibers. He has traveled worldwide to source and develop bast fibers that can be integrated seamlessly into existing manufacturing processes. Flaxcraft Inc. continues to import and market yarns and fabrics.