Product Development

Research & development is ongoing and a critical part of our business.

The desire for value added technologies continues to rise. Development engineers at almost all major companies are trying to integrate natural fibers into their product lines. Bast Fibers strives to ‘engineer’ the fibers they need and to:

  • Develop improved lower cost bast fibers from overseas and domestic sources, for easy use on existing processing equipment.
  • Develop improved fiber finishes and lubricants which will enhance the processability and performance of the fiber and bring added value to products.
  • Partner with producers of finished products to generate new lower cost, environmentally friendly ‘green’ products.

Consulting: We are available to consult with clients on projects that involve incorporating natural fiber technology into their manufacturing process. Our extensive knowledge of natural bast fiber processing allows us to suggest and help develop innovative products to fulfill the needs of the ever changing and demanding marketplace. We are willing to participate in joint product development agreements to produce proprietary products.

Selecting Bast Fibers: Fiber selection is critical and depends on the type of product being produced and the type and efficiency of the equipment being used to produce it. The following factors need to be considered: Purity, Strength, Fineness, Openness, Length, Color, Finish, and Price.