Our Bast Fiber Products

Cut Only and Carded/Cut FibersJute, Kenaf, Flax, and Hemp fibers can be supplied in many different ways.

It depends on the product being produced and the equipment being used to produce it. We supply fibers in low density bales for easy opening.

  • Cut Only – Fiber can be cut to any specified length
  • Uncut – Fiber can be supplied in sliver form
  • Carded, Cut and Opened Up – Finer fiber is obtained by carding and/or drawing before cutting

Many wet treatments are available to give the fiber enhanced performance based on our customer’s project requirements.

  • Scouring
  • Bleaching
  • Fire-Retardant
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-Rot
  • Anti-Mildew
  • Surface modifications to improve wetability, bonding, strength, impact resistance and durability
Jute Fiber Colors, Hemp Fiber and Kenaf Fiber Bales