Innovative Bio Fiber Solutions

Leading the bast fiber industry since 1961

Bast Fibers’ goal is to develop and sell renewable natural fibers to manufacturers of composite materials with superior customer service, attention to quality and continuity of supply. We provide ongoing fiber development to meet the ever shifting requirements of our customers. We are building the rapidly expanding natural fiber composite market. We partner with clients to use our 40 plus years of knowledge and expertise to assist them in developing innovative and cost effective products using natural bast fibers.

Our bast fibers range from high quality basic raw material to fibers with varying degrees of technological enhancements and refinements to perform optimally in a multitude of manufacturing situations. Natural bast fibers are highly versatile and can be customized for customer specific machinery, applications and performance needs. We aim to develop the correct fiber for each customer and deliver it on a consistent and timely basis from reliable, secure sources, thus expanding the global bio fiber market.

Since we are facing a period of rising oil prices, the use of renewable, biodegradable plant materials for manufacturing makes good economic and environmental sense. Natural fibers have the advantage of being environmentally friendly, light in weight yet high in tensile strength, all at a lower cost than synthetic alternatives. They are an ideal alternative for petrochemical based fibers currently used in manufacturing many composite products. Also, with a specific gravity of 1.4, bast fibers make an excellent replacement for fiberglass. Ultimately, we want our customers to be able to offer profitable ‘green’ solutions to their marketplaces.